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Kikuyu Turf

A vigorous growing kikuyu

Kikuyu Turf is probably the toughest, as it thrives in summer. It is an invasive grass, so best suited to areas where there is a barrier between lawn and garden beds. It will lose some colour in winter, but bounces back well in spring. Great for both front and back lawns, and will tolerate all the kids can throw at it. If you have dogs that like to dig a little, this is the one to go for.

What are the Characteristics:

  • Warm season
  • Loves sun
  • Self repairing
  • Vigorous growth
  • Long runners
  • Drought tolerant
How Much Maintenance?

  • Medium maintenance lawn
  • Can be mowed to 20mm height
  • Maintenance regime required for controlled runner growth

Is it good for me? The Pros & Cons of Kikuyu

    Kikuyu is a cheaper option to buffalo grass and is possibly the toughest grass around.

    Great for both front and back lawns, it will tolerate anything the kids & pets can throw at it.

    There is some colour loss during winter, but bounces back well in spring.

    Kikuyu is a vigorous growing runner type grass with high regeneration attributes. However, this also means it requires a regular maintenance regime for mowing and weeding as it can be invasive to neighboring areas. Should you choose this grass, then you should have good deep barriers between garden beds & lawns.

In contrast to buffalo types, Kikuyu runners grow downwards further and then spread through the soil.