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Kikuyu turf is tough, durable, hard wearing, fast growing, self repairing and a great all round lawn.


Kikuyu turf needs sun, so its not fond of shade and, like us humans, it is not fond of winter. It can get frost damage and lose colour. The colour comes back in the spring, but be aware that it does suffer in really cold periods in the weather. It needs less water once established and repairs really well. Kikuyu turf is Pet and Play friendly, soft to walk on and lower risk of allergy compared to other grasses. Kikuyu turf has excellent Drought tolerance, being able to withstand summers while staying lush. However it can become invasive to your garden if not looked after properly, but it is easy to maintain.

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Delivery available to the Melbourne Metro area, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and Ballarat.

Minimum Order is 30sqm

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