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Santa Ana Couch Turf

Couch Turf from Instant Turf Melbourne: Couch  is probably one of the best-known turf varieties.

Most Australians will remember it well, playing on it growing up. It has a finer leaf than Buffalo turf or Kikuyu turf and is a drought hardy survivor. It will lose some colour in winter, but bounces back well in spring.

  • A Low to Medium traffic Grass type
  • Warm season
  • Loves full sun
  • Self Repairing
  • Soft fine leaf grass ground covering appearance
  • Water every 3 days during the warmer months
  • Needs Light each day
  • Drought tolerant
  • Tough little Survivor
  • Lawn mowing as required – Santa Ana Couch turf looks best when kept around 20mm
  • Fertilise regularly to maintain colour and condition

Couch is probably one of the best known turf varieties around, as most Australians grown up playing on it! It is the most drought hardy of grasses you could hope for as it thrives in full sun and is well suited for Melbourne. It has a finer & softer leaf texture than Buffalo or Kikuyu and will tolerate a little shade.

Santa Ana Couch is best for front lawns and nature strips but is also great for Australian backyards.

If kept with care, it will reward your efforts as an excellent show lawn, yet still hardy enough for play as it has a strong root system.

Depending on the Subsoil, the thickness of soil blend underneath should be considered:

  • For Sandy Soil 50mm of new soil mix should be added.
  • For Clay or Heavy Soil 100-150 mm of new soil mix should be added.
  • For Rocky or Shale soil 250-300mm of new soil mix should be added.

When adding to a clay soil, ensure the clay is broken up. Use a clay breaker, a Gypsum spread and ensure it is not too compact for the new soil mix.

Level your new soil and now you are ready to lay your New Turf.

Apply a starter Fertilizer. Order your Couch Turf for when you are ready to lay. Your lawn is a living product and doesn’t like to be out of the ground for long. Ideally, turf should be laid on day of delivery, to ensure it stays healthy and green. It is best to have it delivered on the day you are going to lay. Make sure you water it as soon as you are finished laying the turf.

If you have a large area you may need to water in as you go. (This applies to hot days in particular)