Watering Your New Lawn

Watering your new lawn is important to keep your lawn lush and healthy. A good deep water once a week is way more beneficial than a little bit every day or two. Nature strips are often missed or forgotten when watering but they need water as well.

Watering Your New Lawn

Rule of thumb:

  • If your lawn is crunchy under foot – give it a deep water.
  • Water morning & night before sun up & after sun down. Use common sense as to how much water is needed.
  • If your lawn is spongy then don’t water.
  • If your lawn feels normal underfoot then give it a light water.
With new turf, it’s important that you should start watering straight away. Water in what you have just laid with a proper soaking and don’t be afraid that it will drown. It probably won’t, but the water will drain down to the roots.

Water every morning and every night after laying. On hot days or windy days, 3 times a day would do the newly laid turf good for the first month, and then after that, your lawn should be well on the way to being established. Remember, though although drought tolerant grasses will survive a lot, it is still advisable to water your lawn when you think it needs a drink.

If the weather is looking like it’s going to have a prolonged hot spell, keep in mind that you may need to water your lawn with a good long soak rather than a short watering.