Turf Preparation

Great turf preparation helps to ensure a long lasting and great lawn

When preparing the area on which to lay your lawn it is essential to have at least 100mm of turned loose and raked soil. This can be achieved by either digging rotary hoe or new soil to replace or add to old soil, (if you bring in new soil try to blend it with the old soil as to create and not disturb the balance of the local soil too much) If you find clay add some Gypsum Clay breaker.

Level the area to be turfed and then add a starter fertilizer.

It is also a great idea if you have a sprinkler system that you check it is working prior to laying this will save the heartache of having to dig up your turf once you have laid it.


Instant Turf Melbourne - Turf Preparation

Once this has been done the surface soil needs to be prepared. Most likely you would need to remove what is there and replace it with new soil. Sometimes you might just use a rotary hoe or till the soil to loosen up.

Then, replenish the soil with goodness; fertilizers, organic matter etc. Some lawn areas will require the use of machinery to remove the existing surface soil. This would result in a better outcome.

If you are removing the existing base and renewing the soil then you will probably require skip bin to remove the soil from the property.

At this stage, any drainage issues are identified need to be rectified before the lawn is laid down. It is also the perfect time to prepare and install your watering system, if you choose to have one. One is not mandatory but if you don’t want to spend time watering your lawn then its advisable you get one. However, there is much pleasure to be found unwinding at the end of a day with a hose in one hand and a cool drink in the other, leaving your phone inside and just enjoying the sweetness of nature.

Soil levels should be approximately 30mm below paths and driveways and along garden edges.

Depending on the Subsoil, the thickness of soil blend underneath should be considered:

  • For Sandy Soil 50mm of new soil mix should be added.
  • For Clay or Heavy Soil 100-150 mm of new soil mix should be added.
  • For Rocky or Shale soil 250-300mm of new soil mix should be added.

When adding to a clay soil, ensure the clay is broken up. Use a clay breaker, a Gypsum spread and ensure it is not too compact for the new soil mix.

Level your new soil and now you are ready to lay your New Turf.


Apply a starter Fertilizer. Order your Turf for when you are ready to lay. Your lawn is a living product and doesn’t like to be out of the ground for long. Ideally, turf should be laid on day of delivery, to ensure it stays healthy and green. It is best to have it delivered on the day you are going to lay. Make sure you water it as soon as you are finished laying the turf.

If you have a large area you may need to water in as you go. (This applies to hot days in particular).

For any questions about your Turf Preparation, get in touch via our contact page!