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(minimum order 30 square metres)

Couch Turf is the most drought hardy of grasses. It thrives in Full sun and is well suited for Melbourne.


If kept with care, Couch turf grass will reward your efforts as an excellent show lawn. Yet its still still hardy enough for rough play, as it has a strong root system keeping it sturdy.

If you've played Golf, chances are that the fairway you walk upon is Couch turf grass. Watering every week in Summer will maintain a lovely colour and vigorous growth.

This sturdy lawn can withstand:

  • Pets
  • Children playing
  • Sports

Mowing at about 20mm will keep it great in the summer and mowing a little longer in winter will let your lawn really thrive.


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Delivery available to the Melbourne Metro area, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and Ballarat.

Minimum Order is 30sqm

All cancellations must be made 36hrs in advance

All orders must be paid in full, at time of order

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